Dagga arrest by the Provincial Intervention Task Team leads to discovery of an ammunition manufacturing facility

Western Cape: Members from Provincial Intervention Task Team followed up on information about a cultivation of dagga plants worth a substantial amount in Gordon’s Bay yesterday (2019-02-06). The members searched the house and a 24-year-old suspect was arrested. Once charged, the suspect will appear in court.

Further investigation led the members to another address on Beach Road, Gordon’s Bay. No one was at the house when police arrived, the care taker opened the door and the members found a total of 2000 9mm projectiles; 21-Shots gun rounds; 289 9mm rounds; 22 rounds-286,2000 9mm cartridges and a Hunting rifle, four bags of dagga and 6-9mm magazines; A projectile manufacturing reloading machine was also seized.

Source: South African Police Service