A 46-year-old female suspect arrested

A 46-year-old female suspect was arrested by East London Detectives after an undisclosed amount of money was withdrawn from the ATM in East London.

It is alleged that the complainant was at the mall ATM, she inserted her card at the ATM, punch the pin numbers and waited for her money. Whilst she was waiting there was nothing coming from the ATM, she gave up and cancelled the transaction.

After she left the ATM she received a sms stating that there is a money that has been withdrawn, she quickly went back to check but didn’t see any person. She went inside to check the footage that is where she noticed a female suspect receiving her money after she got the money she then left.

The accused person went to buy some groceries with the money and she drank the rest. The East London detectives followed up the information using BCM cameras.

The information lead the Detectives to Chalumna location at Nkampini Village where they arrested the suspect who also fitted the description of the person seen in BCMM cameras. The suspect is possible to be linked to other card cloning cases.

She will appear in the East London Magistrate Court 0n 2019-12-02.

Source: South African Police Service