Bucket toilets have not been collected in Northern Cape

Bucket toilets at Lerato Park informal settlement in Kimberley have not been collected for two months.

Residents have been forced to dig holes in their backyards to empty the soiled buckets.

According to Statistics SA, 2.4% of people in the Northern Cape still use bucket toilets.

The informal settlement was set up more than 20 years ago, but decent sanitation still eludes them.

A resident, Zanele Yaso says, “We dig and empty the bucket in our yard and the smell is bad for our kids, it is not good for our health, our bucket hasn’t been collected in a long time.”

The lack of sanitation is but one of many hardships they have to put up with.

“Our buckets are not collected, our communal tap is dirty and unhealthy and the roads are impassable. Emergency can’t even access the area because of that,” says another resident.

“There are a lot of flies here caused by these uncollected buckets”.

The Sol Plaatje municipality says some of the service delivery problems are beyond their control.

Spokesperson for Sol Plaatje Municipality, Sello Matsie says, “We do have a shortage we must accept as the municipality that we have a shortage of manpower. We do go there about two to three times a week but depending obviously, you’ll never be accurate because we’re also dependent on the usage of the bucket system. But for now there was also a problem of the vehicle being used that was in the workshop and it has been resolved.”

The municipality has apologised to residents of Lerato Park and has undertaken to address their concerns soon.

Source: SABC News