Police confiscated dagga, suspect behind bars

Community members of Griekwastad exposed a man dealing in dagga, and led the police to his arrest. A 28-year-old man was spotted selling dagga nearby a tuckshop in Riemvasmaak near Griekwastad. Community members did not spare the suspect for another day to continue to destroy lives of many people in the neighbourhood but exposed him and ultimately got arrested. The police reacted swiftly to the information and apprehend the suspect. The suspect was searched and found in possession of substantial quantity of dagga in a bag. Brigadier Nomana Adonis, the Cluster Commander of Pixley Ka Seme, appluaded the community’s involvement in the fight against criminal activities. Continued to praise police members from Griekwastad for working in partnership with community members in the fight against crime. The suspect is expected to appear before the Griekwastad Magistrates’ Court on Monday, 30 December 2019 on a count of dealing in dagga.

Source: South African Police Service