Police zero tolerance with safer festive season operations

The Northern Cape Police tightened the grip and safer festive season operation yielded overwhelming results as the police painted blue all five policing districts. Strategical police deployments in five policing districts, John Taolo Gaetsewe, Pixley Ka Seme, Frances Baard, Namakwa and ZF Mngcawu curbed criminal activities throughout the Northern Cape Province. Senior police management including junior members in the Northern Cape, were physically on the ground to ensure that public members adhere to Covid-19 Disaster Management Act Regulations.
No stones were left unturned as parks were continuously visited and inspected for compliance. Static road blocks, vehicle check points, stop and searches were conducted. During road blocks and vehicle check points, motorists were stopped and searched for illegal transportation of alcohol, illegal fire-arms, illicit goods, stolen livestock and to ensure that vehicles travelling on the public roads were road worthy and the drivers were not driving while under the influence of alcohol. Compliance inspections were also conducted on tuck-shops, second hand goods dealers, taverns and shut down shebeens;
* Several shebeens, taverns were closed down and owners were arrested for flouting the Adjusted Level 3 Regulations;
* Fines were issued to 100 persons who failed to confine themselves to their residence between 21:00 and 06:00 curfew hours including those who failed to wear a face masks in public space;
* Fines issued to those who failed to wear a face in a public space;
* More than six persons were arrested subsequent to be found to be in possession or transporting liquor or illegally dealing in liquor;
* Several Illegal religious, social, cultural gatherings were diffused as any gathering of any sort is not allowed during Adjusted Level 3 Regulations;
* Fire crackers were confiscated as compliance inspections were conducted to insure that no retails were selling or dealing in fire crackers whist not in possession of valid permits.
The Safer Festive Season Operation in the Northern Cape yielded much desired success.
The Acting Provincial Commissioner of the Northern Cape, Major General Henriette de Waal commended operational members for displaying high level of dedication during this time of the season.

Source: South African Police Service

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