SAPS Algoa Park and Community Policing Forum honour the children of our fallen heroes with a special treat

PORT ELIZABETH – Every person and every child respond to death in unique ways as every situation is unique. Children who face grief of a parent undergo many challenges as they try to cope with their loss and make an effort to move forward in their lives.

The SAPS is an organisation where we are ONE family and the death of a fallen hero not only affects his/her family but also leaves an indelible mark on the SAPS family as well.

Yesterday SAPS Algoa Park, Women’s Network and the CPF held a Christmas party for children of police officers who have sacrificed their lives while serving their communities. The children were reminded that these fallen heroes will never be forgotten and that the children must be proud of their fathers/mothers. Gifts and some goodies were given to each child.

Such a gesture from the organisers was overwhelming and welcoming. Let us continue to inspire these children and lift the legacy of their hero parent so that they will be able to cope with their loss with loving memories.

Source: South African Police Service