South Africa: Parliament Welcomes the Students to the Precinct

Parliament, Thursday 26 October 2016 – Parliament applauds the thousands of students, and other stakeholders in education, who today converged outside the Parliamentary precinct to stage a peaceful protest.

Parliament appreciates its role as an accessible constitutional and representative entity where the public is encouraged to take part in its mandated processes and utilise it as a platform for public consideration of issues, including airing of grievances.

The Constitution enjoins Parliament to operate in an open and accessible manner while also ensuring public participation in its processes.

We would like to remind all South Africans, students in particular, that they have the right to make written submissions to any Parliamentary committee about an issue that the committee is discussing or about an issue they think it should be discussing.

Another way of trying to influence Parliament is through a petition – the National Assembly has a committee that considers special petitions from the public.

Source: Parliament of South Africa