Wait for DTT over in Shigalo

The wait is finally over for residents of Shigalo, near Malamulele, who have been hearing a lot about the transition from analogue to digital terrestrial television (DTT).

Later this afternoon, Communications Minister Faith Muthambi will connect poor households onto the grid of the broadcasting digital migration platform, where they will get more channels with perfect digital reception, which is uncommon in marginalised areas like Shigalo.

Digital broadcasting uses digital signals rather than analogue waveforms to carry broadcasts. Sound and pictures are converted into digital format, transmitted as a bit stream and reconverted by appropriate receivers or set-top boxes into sound and TV programmes.

Digital transmission results in improved reception quality and since it uses the radio-frequency spectrum more efficiently, it allows more programme channels in the same frequency bands.

The reception of digital TV will require viewers to connect a set-top box to an existing analogue television set or to acquire a digital TV receiver.

“The much awaited digital migration programme continues to be a realitythis afternoon, poor households at Shigalo will join the list of the vulnerable groups such as people with disability and the poor who have already received the government subsidised Set Top Boxes (STBs) in the country.

“As government, we are promoting an environment conducive to digital broadcasting take-up, by supporting consumers – especially vulnerable groups, including people with disabilities, those in marginalised areas, and the poor to ensure widespread inclusion in the digital migration process,” she said.

In the analogue environment, the viewer has a limited number of programme channels. Minister Muthambi said the additional channels created by digital broadcasting will provide an opportunity for viewers to have avenues through which their own stories and lifestyles can be reflected.

Minister Muthambi will also pay a courtesy visit to the tribal authority in Shigalo Village. She said traditional leaders play a very central role in promoting the broadcasting digital migration project in their respective communities.

“Traditional leaders are encouraging their respective communities to visit their Post Offices to register for the STBs. A partnership between traditional authorities, church leaders and government is necessary to take this country forward,” she said.

Christmas is also set to come a little early for some of the indigent families who will also receive free television sets from Minister Muthambi.

Source: South African Government News Agency