Minister Nomvula Mokonyane on community media outlets advertising

Government commits to 30% advertising spend to community media outlets

The Minister of Communications, Ms. Nomvula Mokonyane, yesterday met with the Association of Community Television Stations of South Africa in attempt to find solutions to the financial, regulatory and signal challenges that are confronting the sector.

The Community Television sector currently has a viewership reach of 14 million people however these figures fail to proportionally attract advertising revenue for the sector.

As government we recently approved the Government Communications Policy and are now working on an operational plan to immediately commence implementation of the policy by the three spheres of the state.

We have committed as government to push through the 30% quota for advertising spend as a set aside for community media. This 30% is not a limit but a minimum that as government we hope to implement as a means to expedite media sector transformation said Minister Mokonyane.

Community media has proven its usefulness and ability in feeding information to rural and under serviced areas throughout the country and this government believes is an opportunity to extend government services and fast-track development.

We have also invited the Community Television Sector to participate in the digital migration work-streams in order to guarantee inclusive growth for the sector and to provide new opportunities to start up media entities and talent in production and content development added Minister Mokonyane.

The Association of Community Television Stations of South Africa (Act-SA) has also committed to partner with the government in creating awareness on the migration to ensure that communities are aware and ready for the migration once implemented.

Source: Government of South Africa