Best wishes for all South Africans for the festive season

Cabinet has wished South Africans well for the upcoming festive season.

Cabinet extends its best wishes to all South Africans for the upcoming festive season. We call on our fellow South Africans to assist individuals and families in their communities, especially children, older persons and people with disabilities, said Minister in the Presidency Jeff Radebe.

He was briefing media on the last Cabinet meeting for 2016, which was held on Wednesday.

Minister Radebe said the police have announced that shopping malls will become a priority during the holiday period to ensure that South Africans are and feel safe.

The deployment of police members and trainees at various malls across the country forms part of the Back-to-Basics approach of the SAPS to improve visibility, enhance policing and curb various crimes which tend to spike during the festive season, he said.

Cabinet has urged all South Africans to be part of the solution and ensure a safe and enjoyable festive season for all.

He said as South Africans take to the road to visit loved ones and family members, Cabinet has urged the public to be alert and ensure that vehicles are roadworthy.

“Adherence to the speed limit, wearing safety belts and not driving while under the influence are non-negotiables in ensuring your own safety and that of other people around you.

As we enjoy the upcoming festive period, please continue to use water wisely and efficiently as water remains a scarce resource, said the Minister.

Cabinet thanked all South Africans who in their daily lives play a part in building a South Africa which belongs to all; volunteers and non-governmental organisations for giving selflessly to help others in all walks of life, in the true spirit of Ubuntu and business and organised labour partners for the part that they continue to play in ensuring that South Africa is poised for equitable economic growth.

Minister Radebe said Cabinet also thanked the members of the media for their role in ensuring that Cabinet decisions are communicated to South Africans so they can participate in an informed public discourse.

Source: South African Government News Agency