Forum to engage communities on reliable water provision

The Department of Water and Sanitation (DWS) and its partners have launched a forum to promote interaction between government and communities on the provision of reliable water and sanitation services.
The water and sanitation forum was launched ahead of National Water Week 2022 (20 – 26 March).
The department, in partnership with Dr Ruth Segomotsi Mompati District Municipality, Kagisano-Molopo Local Municipality, the Department of Agriculture and Sedibeng Water, launched the forum in Morokweng and Ganyesa in the North West on Wednesday and Thursday, respectively.
The department celebrates the National Water Week during the month of March, which is always inclusive of World Water Day observed on 22 March. It aims to raise the importance and awareness of water conservation and demand management.
Pako Mokati, from the Water and Sanitation Department, said through the forum, members will be empowered to actively participate in the water and sanitation business processes, enabling them to make informed decisions affecting water and sanitation services within the Kagisano-Molopo Local Municipality and the communities they serve.
Mokati said the main purpose of the forum is to ensure direct government interaction with different communities on issues affecting them on a daily basis, thus reducing the increasing number of service delivery protests, which are mainly due to lack of communication and feedback.
“Through the establishment of the water and sanitation forum, we envisage to promote a two-way flow of information about provision of reliable water and sanitation services to the communities.
“This would be in terms of envisaged developments or plans, sharing challenges and progress, and also promoting transparency on water and sanitation issues affecting different communities,” Mokati said.
Mokati said such forums are established to ensure integrated effort, sound intergovernmental relations, and to address community concerns and escalate issues to the relevant offices for intervention.
The forum will provide a platform to raise awareness on the importance of and need for a change in attitude and behaviour regarding the use, protection, management, development, and conservation of water resources for all South Africans.
“By launchingthe forum, we envisage enhancing the understanding of and promoting informed decision-making related to water services and water resource management among our communities,” Mokati said.

Source: South African Government News Agency

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