MEC Anroux Marais attends Eden Trilateral Agreement Feedback engagements in George, 22 Jan

Tomorrow, 22 January 2020, Minister Anroux Marais will attend the Eden Trilateral Agreement Feedback engagements in George.

The annual Trilateral Agreement Feedback sessions serve as a platform for funded federations to present to the Department of Cultural Affairs and Sport and the District Sport Council their appropriation spend and participation statistics for the 2019/2020 financial year.

The Trilateral Feedback sessions are scheduled in all six districts to more effectively inform budgetary allocations for the new financial year and identifies each district’s specific sporting needs.

Minister Marais will also use the opportunity to address the attending federations on the Provincial Plan of Action for Women in Sport as the Western Cape takes the national lead to develop the first of its kind, Women in Sport Policy.

Source: Government of South Africa