MEC Kwazi Mshengu on robbery at Ntwela Primary School

MEC Mshengu commends Umlazi community for swift action on school burglary

The MEC for Education in KwaZulu-Natal Mr Kwazi Mshengu has received shocking news of an attack on a security guard at Ntwela Primary school. According to the school principal, the security guard sustained serious head injuries after he was assaulted by four unknown men who demanded keys to the school principal’s office on Monday, 30 December 2019.

The four suspects broke into the office by gaining access through the roof and made off with a grass cutter, laptop, desktop, colour printer, and all school keys which were kept in the school principal’s office. We wish our dedicated and hardworking security guard a speedy recovery following his unfortunate attack.

As a Department we are saddened to hear that school property was vandalised and that computers were stolen. Fortunately, what is encouraging is that members of the community took it upon themselves to investigate the matter and found the goods belonging to the school at the home of one of the suspects. Regrettably, the suspects are still on the run but a criminal case has since been registered at uMlazi police station.

We wish to express our heartfelt gratitude for the bravery shown by community members. This confirms that education is a societal issue as opposed to it being viewed as a matter of the department. Communities and government need to work together to curb crime in schools- MEC Mshengu.

The Department of Education in KwaZulu-Natal takes school safety very seriously and as an apex priority the department has put in place various policies and measures to ensure the safety of all learners, educators and relevant stakeholders in schools. Crime carries a potential to deprive our learners of their fundamental constitutional rights to life, education, equality and dignity. In 2019 we rolled out ICT infrastructure in some schools and we are calling upon communities to look after the ICT infrastructure as it belongs to them and future generations.

Source: Government of South Africa