North West Health on Physical Security Services tender

Status of the Physical Security Tender in the North West Health Department

The North West Department of Health had earlier this year, advertised a tender for rendering of Physical Security Services to Health Facilities across the Province. This tender was advertised as NWDOH 44/2015.

The correct tendering process was followed. Open bids were invited and the briefing session was held on the 24 April 2019 at New Office Park of the Department of Health. The closing date of the bid was on the 23 May 2019 at 11H00. Two hundred and twenty six (226) bidders responded on the closing date and time.

The bid was to be awarded for three (03) years from 01 November 2019 to 31 October 2023. However, after appointment of selected bidders, there was:

a. Companies that complained through the department complaining about the local inclusivity.

b. Companies that went to court challenging the validity of the process and appointment of bidders

Based on (b), any process including the issue of local content will ONLY be entertained by the Department after the court ruling between the department and the bidders who have gone to court and the court is scheduled for the beginning of January 2020.

We hope that due to independence of the judiciary and subjudice principle all interested parties in this matter will wait till the court pronounces on the security tender of the Department of Health.

Source: Government of South Africa