Vigilant TRT members and Nyanga police arrest suspects for hijacking

Tactical Response Team (TRT) members conducting patrols in Browns Farm at Siyahlala informal settlement noticed a silver Opel Corsa vehicle similar to one earlier reported as hijacked in the area. The hijacking report had indicated a person was shot during the incident.

They followed the vehicle and the driver started driving at a high speed. A chase ensued and the vehicle suddenly stopped and four men alighted from the vehicle and started to run in different directions. The driver came out of the vehicle with a firearm in his hand and started to shoot at the SAPS members. The members returned fire. He subsequently fled on foot while shooting at the police members. The members continued chasing the suspect but lost him. On returning to the deserted vehicle they arrested a 19-year-old woman who was sitting next to the vehicle and was later identified as one of the suspects by the victim. The victim had been brought by local police to the scene.

While on the scene, local police brought an injured man, aged 30 and the TRT members identified him as the man who shot at them and ran away.

Both suspects were arrested and the injured suspect he is under police guard in hospital, once he has been charged he will appear in court for attempted murder and hijacking.

Source: South African Police Service