Day: January 21, 2023

Sections of Balkan River Become Floating Garbage Dump

Tons of waste dumped in poorly regulated riverside landfills or directly into the waterways that flow across three countries end up accumulating behind a trash barrier in the Drina River in eastern Bosnia during the wet weather of winter and early spring. This week, the barrier once again became the

AI Tools Can Create New Images, But Who Is the Real Artist?

Countless artists have taken inspiration from “The Starry Night” since Vincent Van Gogh painted the swirling scene in 1889. Now artificial intelligence systems are doing the same, training themselves on a vast collection of digitized artworks to produce new images you can conjure in seconds from a smartphone app. The

UN Rights Chief Launches $452 Million Appeal to Protect, Defend Human Rights

The U.N.’s top human rights official, Volker Türk, appealed Friday for $452 million to fund the critical work of the high commissioner’s office in protecting and defending human rights throughout the world this year. The high commissioner’s office is the guardian and defender of human rights. It is the global

US Treasury Secretary Yellen Kicks Off Africa Tour in Senegal

U.S. Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen went to Gorree Island in Senegal Saturday, and spoke of the “unspeakable cruelty” of the trans-Atlantic slave trade. “Ultimately, Goree Island reminds us that the histories of Africa and America are intimately connected,” Yellen said after touring the island. “We know that the tragedy did

Innovative Project Provides Green Energy to Vulnerable Communities in Madagascar

The World Food Program and Madagascar government have launched an innovative green energy project to help rural communities develop their economies and withstand climate shocks. Madagascar is famous for its flora and fauna, as well as its inclement weather. The northern and central parts of the country are subject to

Door of No Return: Yellen Visits Onetime Slave-Trading Post

U.S. Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen paid a solemn visit Saturday to the salmon-colored house on an island off Senegal that is one of the most recognized symbols of the horrors of the Atlantic slave trade that trapped tens of millions of Africans in bondage for generations. Yellen, in Senegal as

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