About Us

about-us (1)South Africa Insights is an interactive website which compiles all form of news and press releases for the visitors. The information available on the website is sorted and extracted from various sources and is compiled on a single portal to act as a data bank for the visitors. All the information relating to South Africa is updated on the website on regular basis. Information posted on the website is classified as business, medical and health, food and beverages, fashion and lifestyle and travel.

The information is acquired from various mediums which include related sources for news and press releases. South Africa Insights has a user friendly layout which assures that submitting news and extracting news it is easy for the visitors. Besides this archiving of the news is done on daily basis which makes extracting previously added information easy and readily accessible for the visitors.

The website includes features such as RSS Feeds and Newsletter subscription which bonds the clients and establishes a friendly and fruitful relationship for both the parties. This makes extraction of information convenient for the visitors.

The website also provides easy accessibility for the visitors and for this purpose registration and subscription services are offered. Prompt notifications are issued when new material is uploaded on the website. Social media services like Facebook, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn and RSS Feeds are used as tools for interacting with the visitors.